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Children’s Cakes

Pink Tutu Birthday Cupcakes
We received a call in September asking us if we could create a batch o...

(808) Pink Tutu Birthday Cupcakes

Sandcastle Cake
Some might say that sand and cake aren’t an enjoyable pair…...

(2815) Sandcastle Cake

Cowboy Cupcakes and Topper
Royal blue fondant with a red number 1 covers this cake topper we crea...

(799) Cowboy Cupcakes and Topper

Rainbow Baby Block Twin Cakes
We created two baby block cakes for a twins 1st birthday party this pa...

(780) Rainbow Baby Block Twin Cakes

Teddy Bear Block Birthday Cake
This weekend we created a medley of pastries for a joint father and da...

(7532) Teddy Bear Block Birthday Cake

1st Birthday Flower Cake
An assortment of flowers, bees, ladybugs and butterflies highlight thi...

(7331) 1st Birthday Flower Cake

Princess Themed 1st Birthday Cake
We created this 3-tier princess crown cake with a color pallet to matc...

(1692) Princess Themed 1st Birthday Cake

Teddy Bear Sailor Baby Shower Cake
This nautical themed baby shower cake marks the celebration of a newbo...

(2398) Teddy Bear Sailor Baby Shower Cake

Pink Tutu Cupcake Stand
Jodi, who shot our wedding cake for Bride & Bloom, asked us to cre...

(662) Pink Tutu Cupcake Stand

Butterfly & Polka Dotted First Birthday Cake
This multi-colored 1st birthday cake is decorated with turquoise blue,...

(647) Butterfly & Polka Dotted First Birthday Cake

Dinosaur 1st Birthday Cake
Trees, vines, and dragonflies round off this Jurassic park themed 1st ...

(638) Dinosaur 1st Birthday Cake

Teddy Bear Presents – 1st Birthday Cake
This 3-tier stack of presents features a silver teddy bear on top of a...

(586) Teddy Bear Presents – 1st Birthday Cake

Baby Shower Block Cake
This 2 tier baby block cake includes an assortment of animals – ...

(593) Baby Shower Block Cake

Easter Bunny Dump Truck Cake
Have you ever been so excited about something that you’re absolu...

(583) Easter Bunny Dump Truck Cake

Pegasus Themed Birthday Cake
A purple and lavender Pegasus highlights this round cake we created fo...

(581) Pegasus Themed Birthday Cake

Baby Block Cake
A giraffe, elephant and bear are all hanging out atop this baby block ...

(574) Baby Block Cake

Octopus 1st Birthday Cake
Royal blue fondant covers this octopus cake topped with a sailor hat. ...

(565) Octopus 1st Birthday Cake

Pink Princess Crown & Wand Cake
We created this 3 tier princess crown and wand cake for a girl’s...

(2542) Pink Princess Crown & Wand Cake

Pirates Treasure Chest Cake
We received a request to create this pirates treasure chest for a boy&...

(519) Pirates Treasure Chest Cake

2-Tier Baby Block Cake
Sometimes when delirious, we like to name inanimate objects. For insta...

(495) 2-Tier Baby Block Cake

Princess Birthday Cake
Another princess birthday cake! Atop this cake are multiple princess c...

(2543) Princess Birthday Cake

Globe Cake
This earth cake was one of our most challenging cakes to date. It was ...

(391) Globe Cake

1st Birthday Topsy Turvy Turtle Cake
Ava’s first birthday cake was created with fondant daisy flowers...

(380) 1st Birthday Topsy Turvy Turtle Cake

Carnival First Birthday Cake
This carnival themed cake, complete with a tent on the top tier, is fi...

(378) Carnival First Birthday Cake

Octopus Birthday Cake
We used turquoise blue and purple colored fondant to decorate this Oct...

(360) Octopus Birthday Cake

1st Birthday Cake
This 1st birthday cake had an assortment of delicious flavors – ...

(356) 1st Birthday Cake

Hibiscus Flower Cake
This orange hibiscus cake was made for a 2nd birthday “Luau̶...

(349) Hibiscus Flower Cake

1st Birthday Rocket Cake
We did another 1st birthday cake this week for one of our repeat custo...

(342) 1st Birthday Rocket Cake

1st Birthday Sports Cake
This sports themed cake is a popular choice for boy’s first birt...

(341) 1st Birthday Sports Cake

Polka Dot Birthday Cake
This birthday cake, decorated with fondant circles and marbleized fond...

(338) Polka Dot Birthday Cake

Jester Topsy Turvy Cake
This third birthday topsy turvy cake had yellow cake with chocolate fi...

(332) Jester Topsy Turvy Cake

Sports Birthday Cake
We delivered this 30th birthday sports cake to the Rockaway River Coun...

(326) Sports Birthday Cake

Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake
A green pea replaces a cherry for this cupcake cake since “pea&#...

(321) Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake

Sweet 16 Cupcake Stand
We built this tiered cupcake stand topped with a cake for a sweet 16 p...

(301) Sweet 16 Cupcake Stand

Ladybug Birthday Cake
The always cute ladybug, a favorite for many children’s birthday...

(2110) Ladybug Birthday Cake

Amusement Park Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake
We delivered this 4-tier amusement park themed cake with oreo filling ...

(288) Amusement Park Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cake
The lime green teddy bear atop this cake is dressed in a “Baby P...

(1793) Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cake

Grace & Taylor’s First Holy Communion Cake
This communion cake includes 2 birds on topping holding a banner which...

(1010) Grace & Taylor’s First Holy Communion Cake

First Birthday Sports Cake
Almond cake with vanilla custard and fresh strawberries for a first bi...

(256) First Birthday Sports Cake

Brian’s First Birthday
It’s hard to believe that my nephew Brian is already one!  We c...

(243) Brian’s First Birthday

Dump Truck Birthday Cake
My nephew loves trucks, so I was excited when our client reached out t...

(1670) Dump Truck Birthday Cake

Two-Tier Baby Shower Cake
Baby shower cake with white cake and chocolate filling....

(233) Two-Tier Baby Shower Cake

Gluten-Free 1st Birthday Cake
This first birthday gluten-free birthday cake is highlighted with blue...

(1089) Gluten-Free 1st Birthday Cake

1st Birthday Castle Cake
This castle cake was designed for a princess and it matched the color ...

(217) 1st Birthday Castle Cake

Teddy Bear Cake
For Maya’s first birthday we created this 3 tier asymmetrically ...

(1834) Teddy Bear Cake

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Rodeo Themed Birthday Cake
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(2771) Rodeo Themed Birthday Cake

Hi Renee, Mia's birthday on Sunday was a great success!! Both adults and kids had a blast!! The cake was delicious and EVERYONE commented on how beautiful it was!! Thank you for once again making my little girl's dreams come true!! She was super excited about the cake in general but also was super happy that the cowgirl looked like her. I wouldn't dream of anyone else making her cakes. Thank you, Lina

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