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Celebration Cakes

Super Bowl Champs
(538) Super Bowl Champs
50th Birthday Topsy Turvy Cake
We were asked to create a three tier maroon, gold, white and black top...
(534) 50th Birthday Topsy Turvy Cake
Groom’s Electric Guitar Cake
This electric guitar cake was the groom’s gift for a recent wedd...
(531) Groom’s Electric Guitar Cake
Pirates Treasure Chest Cake
We received a request to create this pirates treasure chest for a boy&...
(519) Pirates Treasure Chest Cake
Wedding Anniversary Tier
A year ago we created this wedding dress inspired cake. To celebrate t...
(521) Wedding Anniversary Tier

Winter Wonderland Penguin Cake
To celebrate the new year, we were asked to create this fun winter won...
(520) Winter Wonderland Penguin Cake
Pram Baby Shower Cake
This 3 tier baby shower cake was decorated baby pink and blue bows and...
(513) Pram Baby Shower Cake
Tiffany Blue Wedding Shower Cake & Cupcakes
(509) Tiffany Blue Wedding Shower Cake & Cupcakes
Sweet 16 Winter Wonderland Cake
Silver and periwinkle dominate this winter wonderland themed sweet 16 ...
(503) Sweet 16 Winter Wonderland Cake
Sweet 16 Cake
We created this four tier white fondant cake with black ribbons, black...
(502) Sweet 16 Cake

Sweet 16 Musical Cake
A pale pink ribbon, piano keys, and swiss dots highlight this sweet 16...
(501) Sweet 16 Musical Cake
Designer Jeans Cake
We designed this cake for a 30th birthday. The birthday boy is a big f...
(499) Designer Jeans Cake
Laptop Birthday Cake
We had a Christmas party this weekend…and it happened to fall on...
(497) Laptop Birthday Cake
Christmas Gift Box Cake
Green polka dots and a red bow highlight this Christmas gift box cake....
(496) Christmas Gift Box Cake
Christmas Cocktail Cake
A gold bow adorns this red fondant gift box cake which was used as a c...
(489) Christmas Cocktail Cake

Damask Engagement Party Cake
We styled this engagement cake with a black & white pattern. The ...
(487) Damask Engagement Party Cake
Blue Striped Birthday Cake
Here is a fun 2-Tier blue fondant birthday cake with polka dot, stripe...
(479) Blue Striped Birthday Cake
Sweet 16 Topsy Turvy Cake
Hot pink, lime green, and turquoise blue with yellow and purple accent...
(472) Sweet 16 Topsy Turvy Cake
Cupcake Stand for Baby Shower
We created 45 cupcakes including chocolate with vanilla buttercream an...
(1836) Cupcake Stand for Baby Shower
Bar Mitzvah Casino Cake
This roulette wheel atop a poker table cake was created for a Bar Mitz...
(467) Bar Mitzvah Casino Cake

Soda Can Groom’s Cake
In the same vein as our beer bottle birthday cake, this soda can cake ...
(464) Soda Can Groom’s Cake
25th Company Anniversary Cake
Robin’s co-workers designed this cake for her 25th anniversary a...
(28071) 25th Company Anniversary Cake
Twin Pink & Brown Cakes
These twin pink and brown cakes were joint 1st & 5th birthday part...
(461) Twin Pink & Brown Cakes
Zebra Striped Sweet 16 Cakes
Here’s a 3 tier white and blue sweet 16 topsy turvy cake with bl...
(460) Zebra Striped Sweet 16 Cakes
Tree Frog Cake
Lime green, orange and red decorate this frog birthday cake. Inside th...
(459) Tree Frog Cake

40th Birthday Cake
This 3 tier birthday cake is decorating with a variety of meaningful m...
(457) 40th Birthday Cake
Horsey Birthday Cake
We created this 2 tier horse themed cake for a 3rd birthday pony party...
(456) Horsey Birthday Cake
Sweet 16 Candyland Topsy Turvy Cake
This fun topsy turvy 3 tier candy cake was created for a sweet 16 birt...
(1965) Sweet 16 Candyland Topsy Turvy Cake
Black & Orange Topsy Turvy Cake
Black and orange fondant with diamonds and black polka dots dominate t...
(451) Black & Orange Topsy Turvy Cake
Pumpkin First Birthday Cake
With Halloween fast approaching, what is more appropriate then a pumpk...
(449) Pumpkin First Birthday Cake

Pink Cake Box Grand Opening Party
Even though it’s been 3.5 months since we moved into our space &...
(447) Pink Cake Box Grand Opening Party
Cheeseburger Groom’s Cake
Here is a delicious looking cheeseburger garnished with tomatoes, lett...
(4372) Cheeseburger Groom’s Cake
Happy Birthday Gift Box
Hot pink, red & hunter green polka dots cover this 1st Birthday G...
(442) Happy Birthday Gift Box
Princess Birthday Cake
Another princess birthday cake! Atop this cake are multiple princess c...
(2543) Princess Birthday Cake
Sailboat Cake
We created this sailboat cake for a 50th birthday party. It was based ...
(439) Sailboat Cake

Snowboarder Topsy Turvy Cake
Here is our second groom’s cake for the week. This one is a wint...
(438) Snowboarder Topsy Turvy Cake
Engagement Cake
This engagement party cake is covered in black fondant and decorated w...
(436) Engagement Cake
Poker Table Cake
Continuing our line of casino themed cakes, this poker table cake has ...
(2502) Poker Table Cake
Topsy Turvy 50th Birthday Cake
Here’s a fun cake with an assortment of special decorations with...
(430) Topsy Turvy 50th Birthday Cake
Football Helmet Cake
We created this football helmet cake for our friend’s 29th surpr...
(429) Football Helmet Cake

Baptism Cake
Perfect for a girl, this christening cake is highlighted with pale pin...
(1249) Baptism Cake
Vampire Themed Birthday Cake
With Halloween approaching, this vampire themed 30th birthday cake is ...
(425) Vampire Themed Birthday Cake
Baseball Hat Birthday Cake
Sitting atop this topsy turvy 30th birthday cake with blue and white s...
(422) Baseball Hat Birthday Cake
Groom’s Train Cake
Along with the 6 tier wedding cake, we also created this surprise groo...
(421) Groom’s Train Cake
NYC Bar Mitzvah Cake
A topsy turvy cake with a NYC skyline and the ubiquitous yellow taxica...
(416) NYC Bar Mitzvah Cake

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Train Themed 2nd Birthday Cake
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(2713) Train Themed 2nd Birthday Cake

Great look and great taste! Is not easy to have both in one cake! They did it, everyone loved it! Thank you! Can't wait till the next cake we order from you, which will be very soon!!

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