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General posts about Pink Cake Box and my life.

Ornament, Snowflake & Frosty Cookies

December 12th, 2006

These Christmas cookies were for a customer who plans on giving them as gifts to her clients. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


November 23rd, 2006

Happy Turkey day! We had a fantastic turkey – it was very succulent, which I deem the most important factor in rating the turkey’s greatness. I also made gravy for the first time…..thanks to Indira […]

Hip Turtle Cake

November 12th, 2006

This turtle lemon cake, for a baby shower in Hoboken NJ, is filled with lemon zest buttercream. If you are looking for a more realistic looking turtle cake check out this version of the Mississppi […]

Happy Halloween!

October 30th, 2006

Trick or Treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat. Why would I give a tasty treat to someone who forces me to smell their stinky dogs? I mean really. Somewhere along the […]

Top-Secret Cakes

October 24th, 2006

Hello! So who knew cakes could be top-secret? I have two top-secret cakes I can’t divulge any information about. Pretty cool huh? Aren’t you curious what they are? I’ll give you two hints….The first one […]

Do you offer Cake Decorating Classes?

October 23rd, 2006

Several people have asked us if Pink Cake Box runs any pastry classes: I am very interested in learning how to decorate cakes. Have you thought about offering classes? I’m a few towns over from […]

Unicorn & Angel Cookies

October 22nd, 2006

We hand decorated 100 unicorn, fairy and crown cookies for a sweet 16 birthday. These cookies went along with a enchanted sweet 16 cake.

Q&A – Fondant vs Buttercream

October 8th, 2006

I often get questions similar to this one regarding the difference between fondant & buttercream: Which one do you recommend (fondant vs buttercream) based on appearance plus taste? I’m not sure what the difference is […]

Q&A – How to get started in a baking career?

October 7th, 2006

Sandra posted the following question recently: Dear Anne, I think your cakes are just the most gorgeous things! They look too good to eat–but that wouldn’t stop me! LOL I wonder if you could give […] Event

October 6th, 2006

Last night we attending a networking event for and Brides NJ magazine. The magazine is new – if you’re a bride, you should check it out! We were able to donate wedding cake cookies […]

Client Testimonials

October 1st, 2006

We always pleased when customers send us glowing reviews like the one we received this weekend: We’ve posted more in our customer testimonial section.

Tiered Cupcake Stand

August 12th, 2006

This cupcake cake was for an Engagement party this weekend. The client had seen something like this in a magazine – and we recreated it the best we could from her description. I actually wound […]

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

August 10th, 2006

Dark Chocolate  Pretzel with Peanut Butter stripes. Milk Chocolate with Heath Bar Crunch  White chocolate with rainbow pareils

Bermuda Rum Cakery

July 19th, 2006

So what would a wedding be, without a honeymoon!? Jesse and I spent a fabulous week on Elbow Beach, Bermuda.  While we were there, we stopped by to visit the Bermuda Rum Cakery!  They had […]

My Wedding

June 29th, 2006

My blog will be silent for the next couple of weeks due to my upcoming wedding and honeymoon! I want to thank everyone for all their support and stay tuned for some stories and photos […]

Fondant Bow for Wedding Cake

June 3rd, 2006

This bow was for a wedding cake at the Park Avenue Club. I couldn’t take a picture with the bow on the cake because the cake is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and needed […]

ING Cake

June 3rd, 2006

Our entry into ING Direct “Orange Pride” contest – complete with sugar money!Cross your fingers!

Barbell Cake for the Bodybuilder

May 26th, 2006

100 Pound Barbell Cake This cake was to celebrate a bodybuilder’s birthday. Apparently a ’40’ lb weight isn’t very accurate according to Jesse, my gym loving almost husband. Oh well. It’s cake!

Cinco de Mayo

May 5th, 2006

Here’s a festive sombrero cake for a Cinco de Mayo/Birthday party! It was a yellow cake w/chocolate filling decorated in straw colored fondant.

Deirdre’s House

May 5th, 2006

So last Wednesday was the 10 year anniversary and Rededication of Deirdre’s House, the child advocacy center located in Morristown, NJ. It went very well and I was very happy to be a part of […]

New Employee and Advertising

April 18th, 2006

So Pink Cake Box is embarking in its first official promotional/advertising adventure! I’m participating in a wedding trunk show in NYC this Thursday at Lara Helene Bridal Atelier. It’s showcasing an assortment of wedding related […]

Anniveraries – Deirdre’s House

April 6th, 2006

Anniveraries are very important. Whether they are to celebrate a marriage, a birthday, a retirement or a big purchase, they are a wonderful way to relive important days in life. I was recently asked to […]

Cute as a cupcake

March 26th, 2006

Today my nephew was born! He’s the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen (I know I’m a bit biased). He’s definitely cuter than a cupcake…and reliable indications are pointing to the fact that […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Controversy

February 21st, 2006

I think you know what I’m talking about. The big debate about which is better: The crispy chocolate chip cookie, or the soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie. Every family is usually divided…sometimes not even […]

Valentine’s Day M&M’s

February 9th, 2006

I love M&M’s. I’m not ashamed. I love them. I suppose I should love really sophisticated chocolates or cordials, or truffles. And yes, while I do enjoy a good truffle, there really is nothing like […]

Frosting Printer

February 5th, 2006

Maybe I’m a bit of a sucker for technology and for new pastry toys … but I’m going to be purchasing a frosting printer. It uses the same technology as some of the top of […]

Pastry Psychology

January 29th, 2006

So today my future mother-in-law, who is a spectacular woman (Barbara if you’re reading this that’s for you :)), told me that she was thinking about the psychology behind being a pastry chef, in particular […]

Cake love

January 25th, 2006

Today I made a red velvet cake for an ‘office’ birthday party. I can only imagine the clock ringing 3pm and the department gathering around in the ‘war room’ to have some cake, cut onto […]

Wedding Cakes

January 8th, 2006

I realized today I love my job because cakes make people really happy. It may sound silly, but it’s true. I’m making my friend Ann’s wedding cake in September and just talking about the cake […]

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