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Cat Themed Cupcakes (1679)

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Cat themed birthday cupcakes

Cat themed cupcakes

We’ve done a few cat themed cakes through the years. Our favorite set of cat cakes are the ones we do for a couple which celebrates their cat’s birthday every year with cake! In 2010 we did a cat toy themed cake, in 2008 we did a pizza themed cat cake.

For 2009, we did our first set of cat themed cupcakes for the couple. The top of each cupcake included a replica of the client’s cats. Here is how our customer Michelle described it:

You made us a AWESOME cake last year for our cats! It had our two cats sitting on top of a pizza box! This year we were thinking about cupcakes with there faces small on the top of the cupcakes. Cartoon looking in character.

We are always thrilled when our cakes are part of family traditions and can’t wait to see what sort of cat cake we dream up for 2011.

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