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Cake Meetup

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We were asked to lead a cake decorator meetup class with the NY & NJ Cake Decorating Meetup groups on Sept 28th. The workshop was geared for creating a hamburger cake.

The class learned how to sculpt, fondant, air brush and decorate their cake. We had a great time doing it and met some wonderful people. Check out the pictures below:

Hamburger Cake Class Photo Collage

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5 Comments for “Cake Meetup”

  • Dianna says:

    I had fun making the cake – I brought it to work and everyone loved it – it’s a quick and fun cake to bring to a backyard bbq party – Thanks Anne

  • Harriett says:

    What inspiration to come together and do something that brings creativity and enjoyment. I love that, and the hamburger cake looks delicious of course. Makes me want to just bring young people together to do a frost a cookie party, and enjoy the fellowship. Wonderful work and great class. 🙂

  • Those are the cutest hamburger cakes I’ve seen! And they’re huge!

  • Annabell says:

    I’m from Mexico, and i saw your cakes looking for them on line, i loved them!!!
    i wish you could come down to mexico one day, and teach on tv how to make them,
    and i have read here they’re delicious!!!

    And please save pictures from your store!!!!

  • Anne says:

    @Dianna – Thanks for attending! I’m glad the cake was a hit

    @Harriett & Thrilled by the Thought – Thanks for comments and for stopping by!

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