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Today I made a red velvet cake for an ‘office’ birthday party. I can only imagine the clock ringing 3pm and the department gathering around in the ‘war room’ to have some cake, cut onto ‘left over’ plates from someone’s going away party…being washed down by 6 assorted 20 oz bottles of vending machine soda, divied up into bathroom sized plastic cups. the awkward silence after the honored guest thanks her co-workers for the ‘surprise’ cake. We’ve all been there….let’s be honest.

Happy Birthday Cake

But the whole image was shattered when I received a message on my phone this evening from the gentleman who ordered the cake – profusely thanking me…telling me how everyone loved the cake and the honored guest even took home the rest. That sort of simple thanks means a lot to me…and it made me happy that I could make a normally mundane office birthday a little more tasty.

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One Comment for “Cake love”

  • Andrea says:

    Hello Anne – I am the lucky red velvet birthday cake girl! Yes for the second year in a row my thoughtful co-workers surprised me with a birthday cake from you. When I saw the pink box I knew exactly what it was and that I was in for a treat. The whole office enjoyed the beautiful and delicious cake and I did get to take some home, it did not last long at all. I am looking forward to your new shop opening where I can get my red velvet fix and thank you in person. Thanks for making my birthday at the office memorable – I want a piece right now!!

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