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Cable Knit Snow Princess Cake (2926)

We celebrated Piper’s 2nd birthday this past weekend with a snow princess theme! Thank you to Nana for knitting a little cable so I could make a mold! We are loving the cable knit pattern!!! We even used it on adorable mitten cookies!

Ruffle Knit Birthday Dessert Table

Piper’s 2nd Birthday Cake & Dessert Table

Here’s a close-up of the cable knit pattern:

Cable knit Pattern on cake

Close-up of cable knit pattern on Piper’s cake

We finished off the display with cake pops, cookies, macarons, and mini cupcakes…. Oh and another cake 🙂 Yep, the 12 people at the party loved all the desserts! (In truth, my family is so over cake!!)

Cable Knit Mitten Cookies

Cable Knit Mitten Cookies

Elegant Plaque Cookies

Elegant Plaque Cookies with Piper piped in gold

Gold & Pink French Macarons

Gold & Pink French Macarons

Mini Rosette Cupcakes

Mini Rosette Cupcakes

Snowflake & Rose Cake Pops

Snowflake & Rose Cake Pops

We added this sweet floral wreath crown to the top of the cake. It includes sugar pinecones, berries, roses, blossoms and leaves.

Floral Wreath Sugar Flowers

Floral Wreath Sugar Flowers

Piper was all dolled up with her crown and wand!


Piper in her Pink Crown and Tutu

Princess Cake with 2 year old

Piper seeing her princess cake for the first time!

Happy 2nd birthday to our little Piper! My little girl, may your fierce independence lead you to great things!

Update: Here’s a video from our shop of Piper’s princess cake!

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