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Buddha Bat Mitzvah Cake (2601)

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A few years ago we created a cake for Jodi’s daughter Hailey to help celebrate her Bat Mitzvah. This year we had the pleasure of working with the family again to create a Bat Mitzvah cake for Shari’s celebration.

Buddha Bat Miztvah Yin Yang Cake

Buddha Cake

The multi-tiered hexagon cake is one of the more unique Bat Mitzvah cakes we’ve created over the years. The top tier includes a 3D pewter Buddha with cherry blossoms branches flowing from behind.

Pewter separators separate red hexagon tiers with pink paneled tops and sides. The second hexagon tier includes the popular “Yin and Yang” logo and additional flat cherry blossom graphics decorate the side of each tier.

Flavors and fillings included coconut with lemon cream cheese, chocolate with italian meringue vanilla and raspberry and red and pink velet cake with oreos and cream buttercream.

Congratulations Shari!

Jodi left us this email over the weekend:

The cake was a huge hit!!
Question. Anyway to save that Buddha? He is fabulous!

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