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Brown and Turquoise Engagement Cake (569)

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This brown engagement cake includes turquoise patterns and dark brown ribbon wrapped around each tier. The top and middle tiers include red velvet cake with raspberry chambord & cream cheese filling. The bottom tier is chocolate cake with chocolate & hazelnut filling.

Wedding Brown & Turquoise Engagement Cake

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3 Comments for “Brown and Turquoise Engagement Cake”

  • Amy Portray says:

    Hi Anne. I’m a huge fan of your work. This brown and turquoise cake is beautiful. As a fellow cake decorator, I was wondering if you considered using an airbrush/stencil technique for the turquoise and if not why? I’m not criticizing, just trying to learn for myself. Thanks.

  • sandy brandon says:

    I absolutely LOVE your work! In fact, I admire it so much that a girl wants me to try and make one of your designs. This design: Brown and Turquoise Engagement Cake.” The problem I am having, is I can’t find the cutters that you used on this? Do you know or remember who made them or where they come from? I have looked and looked and can’t find them. I use an online company to order my cutters and they have approx. 60 pages of cutters, and I can’t find anything like them. I am wondering if you did them freestyle?
    Thank you in advance for your response.
    Have an amazing day, and keep up the incredible cakes!!

    • Anne says:

      Hi Sandy – thank for stopping by and for your compliments 🙂 We cut these freestyle so I’m not aware of any cutters for this particular design.

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