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Bridal Shower Dessert Table (2483)

Tiffany Bridal Shower Dessert Table

Erin’s Bridal Shower Dessert Table Arrangement[

We created an assortment of goodies for Erin’s bridal shower this past weekend at the Paris Inn in Wayne, NJ. Using Tiffany blue as the primary color scheme we created macarons, cupcakes, a gift box cake topper, a shopping bag and wedding dress cookies.

The wedding dress cookies were decorated with delicate Tiffany blue flowers in the center and wrapped clear cellphone with a Tiffany blue ribbon. Coordinating in color with the cookies were 40 vanilla and chocolate cupcakes topped with a bow and dyed Tiffany blue.

Tiffany Blue Cupcakes with Bow

Bridal Shower Cupcakes with white bow

The gift box cake topper was inspired by our gift box cupcake stand topper. White piped pearls decorate the bottom of the tier and a tag reads “Erin & Co” across the front.

Along with the cake topper was a shopping bag cake inspired by a shopping cake we created over 5 years ago! The cake consists of alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla with chocolate buttercream. Pears and tissue paper are flowing out of the bag and the same “Erin & Co” lettering appears along teh front.

Macaroons tiffany blue

Sweet Macarons

Finally, delicious and dainty macarons round out the remaining dessert options.

Congratulations Erin!

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