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Beer Bottle Birthday Cake (379)

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We delivered this beer bottle shaped cake to a house party in Chester NJ. The celebration was for the husband’s 40th birthday party, and his wife wanted to surprise him with his favorite summertime drink. The cake board was created to look like a coaster and the inside is yellow cake with oreo filling.

This was one of our most challenging deliveries – the height of the cake made it very difficult to transport and I had to sit in the back of the trunk with the cake to ensure it didn’t tip over during our drive from Denville.

Beer Bottle Cake Replica

Closeup of beer bottle cap:

Beer Bottle Cap

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5 Comments for “Beer Bottle Birthday Cake”

  • aslı says:


    it’s look like amazing…
    you are wonderfull cake designier :)) really !!

  • Kristie says:

    Incredible!! It looks like the real thing!! The details are amazing! Excellent job!!
    You really take the extra step that is needed to ensure quality, I mean sitting
    in the back of the trunk… A girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do, I guess…: )
    You have quite a talent here…

  • TERESA says:

    That bud cake looks fabulous! I was looking for a cake to make for my husbands 40th birthday and i ran across this cake. I knew this was the one.He is going to be blown away! Thanks!

  • How large is this cake. Hard to guess the scale. Really marvelous. Like you hear all the time…. your cakes are incredible!!!!

  • Anne says:

    Kristie – whatever it takes 🙂
    Teresa & Alsi- Thanks!
    Nathalie – praise never gets old thanks!

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