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Black Paisley Wedding Cake (1282)

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Black Paisley Wedding Cake

This wedding cake is for my good friend Laura from My Bellissima. We decorated the tiers with hand piped paisleys accented with amber crystals. The cake is a champagne color to match Laura’s dress and the ruching between the tiers also match her gown. The top tier includes sugar roses, orchids, hydrangeas and berries. Finally each tier is adorned with a thin green band.

Close-up of Black Paisley Piping

The flavors included mocha cake with peanut butter and oreos and cream buttercream, banana cake with chocolate and peanut butter buttercream, chocolate cake with coconut and almond buttercream, red velvet with lemon cream cheese and raspberry buttercream, and vanilla cake with peanut butter, oreos and chocolate buttercream. We delivered the cake to the Venetian in Garfield, NJ.

Laura left us this wonderful comment after her wedding:

What can I even say about this cake except, OMG! It was STUNNING, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS! You exceeded my expectations 10 fold! I adore you and can’t thank you enough! It was a true crowd pleaser and everyone can’t stop talking about it! You and your team are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂


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5 Comments for “Black Paisley Wedding Cake”

  • Brittany K. says:

    This cake is amazing! The hand-piped paisley is stunning. I bet it was fun making all of those flavor combinations, haha.

  • I love this cake! I love the hand piping, it is absolutely gorgeous!!! And I love the colors…yellow and black are hot!

  • Dianna says:

    whoa IS THAT CAKE AS LARGE AS IT LOOKS.Wonder what you charge for that kind of cake. I won’t mind knowing what you charge for that kind of professional work! I would think it’s over a 1,000 and so worth it!

  • Trendy Bride says:

    This is a awesome looking cake .. WOW !!

  • Carol says:

    This is a beautiful cake but I have a question as a result of having worked in insurance for way too long. When you make these cakes with inedible bits like the crystals, do the servers remove them first? Or do the servers warn the recipient of a the inedible bit? Or do you just expect people to figure it out, always a risky proposition?

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