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Birthday Television Set Cake (2642)

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Remember the days of indoor antennas and picture-tube TV sets? Televisions have come a long way and this birthday cake pays homage to the “old fashion” television set.

Picture Tube Television with rabbit ear antennas cake

Picture Tube Television Cake!

The sculpted tv set is covered in wood grain and has a set of silver antennas sticking out from the tab (otherwise known as rabbit ears). At the top of the TV we included a newer piece of technology – a silver flip phone. Along with the phone sites a passport and blue swimming goggles.

Map of USA on TV Screen

Map of USA on TV Screen

The screen of the TV displays a map of the US with different color pins pinned to significant and meaningful locations including Muttontown, NY, (Chelsea) New York City, (Upper East Side) New York City, Edgewater, NJ, Ithaca, NY, Calabasas, CA.

White laced running sneaker with 75 on the side

White laced running sneaker with 75 imprinted on the side

A colorful sneaker sits at the base of the TV. Keeping the theme athletic theme going, we covered the cake board in orange/neon fondant fabric to mimic the look of reflective jacket worn by runners and walkers.

Inside the TV was chocolate and vanilla cake with chocolate and strawberry buttercream.

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