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The Best Beach Themed Cakes from Pink Cake Box

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With Labor Day upon us, let’s honor this wonderful summer season with some of our best beach themed cakes!

Even when summer inevitably ends, with the magic of cake decorating, you can bring the beach to your event any time of year.  Whether it’s a luau, a beach themed party or a nostalgic memory that you want to share with your guests, the beauty of the beach can be incorporated into the cake of your dreams.  Take a look at these beach themed cakes, created especially for our clients.

Summertime Cakes - 15 Beach Themed Cake Ideas

Beach Themed Wedding Cakes

This beach themed wedding cake was featured in our Sizzling Summer Cakes article, but it certainly doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy it.  Four tiers in subtle sand tones, this cake is accented with pearly seashells and starfish.

beach themed cakes

An elegant beach themed wedding cake and seashells.


The beach is such a fun place, and a beach-themed wedding cake can reflect that joy.  Check out this four-tiered ‘Just Married’ cake.  The colors of aqua, pale yellow and white make for a breezy, beachy feel, along with the fondant swirls, pearls and sweet seashells.

Seashell Beach Wedding Cake Summer

A festive and fun beach themed wedding cake makes everyone feel happy!


Sometimes a groom wants to incorporate the beach at his wedding!  This beach themed groom’s cake features a sculpted groom with his bride, relaxing on a sugar sand beach just for two.

beach themed groom's cake

A beach themed cake just for the groom!


The pale blue fondant of this three-tiered wedding cake looks just like the soft shades of the sea.  It is highlighted with tiny white pearls and realistic seashells on every layer.  Its color and simple accents make it a beautiful focal point at any wedding.

Beach Themed Wedding Cake

A wedding cake the color of the sea…


Although this one was made for an engagement party and not a wedding, it’s still the perfect example of a beach themed cake made with love!  A unique yellow with an eye-catching heart monogram to match the bride’s invitations, this cake features everything beachy- from seashells to starfish.  Even better, it’s nut-free, proving that flavors and fillings can be made to your liking.

beach themed cake

An eye-catching, beach themed cake in yellow.


Beach Themed Birthday Cakes


A birthday party doesn’t have to have a beach theme to include a beach themed cake!  A cake can celebrate you and everything you love, like this 21st birthday tropical cake.  The sculpted cake topper sits on her own private beach with drink in hand.  We added edible coral, fish, seashells and more, based on photos our client gave us to reproduce.

beach themed cake

A tropical beach themed birthday cake!


Words can’t describe the beauty of this gorgeous mermaid 1st birthday cake topper and seashell cupcakes.  The attention to detail is obvious when you see the shimmery shells and the sugar sand surrounding this sculpted mermaid.  Fifty cupcakes sit beneath a sandy beach, all waiting to be eaten!  

Don’t miss our Mermaid Topper Tutorial to learn more about sculpting cake figurines.


beach themed cupcake tower

A mermaid cupcake tower fit for Ariel herself!


Starfish Ocean Themed Blue Topper

Exquisite detail on a beach themed cupcake topper.


This beach themed 50th birthday cake also has a happy, sculpted topper surrounded by all of her favorite things on a sandy beach.  The second layer of this two-tiered cake features curled blue fondant waves.  And don’t forget the edible seashells!

Beach Themed Birthday Cake

Nifty at fifty on her very own beach themed cake!


A four-tiered fondant cake for a 40th birthday party not only incorporates the beach, but Jimmy Buffett, too! Margaritas, parrots, cheeseburgers and a happy sculpted beach-goer make this cake unique.  The swirling blue fondant mimics ocean waves and our sculpted figure tops the cake in her own sweet, sandy paradise.

beach themed cake

What’s beachier than a Jimmy Buffett cake?


There are famous beaches all around the world, and famous places associated with beaches, too.  Coney Island is a name synonymous with the sea, and well-known for its fun rides and nostalgic atmosphere.  We created this cake for a 75th birthday, for a client who had fond memories of Coney Island and its landmarks .  The WonderWheel, Cyclone roller coaster, hot dogs and even a waving beach babe make their appearance on this two-tiered cake.

beach themed cake

A Coney Island inspired beach cake.


Beach Themed Cakes for Special Events


What’s cuter than a beach themed teddy bear cake?  This sweet sailor is all set for a baby shower, riding high on fondant waves, three tiers high!  He’s fishing for yummy fishies and there’s even a sculpted whale spouting from the bottom layer.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Sailor Cake

A baby bear sails in a sweet sea of fondant

This topsy turvy turtle beach themed cake was created for an “Under the Sea” Bat Mitzvah party.  It featured an adorable turtle swimming on blue fondant layers, surrounded by brown sugar sand and colorful bubbles.

Turtle Beach Themed Bat MItzvah Cake

A happy turtle adorns this “Under the Sea” cake.

Who says you can’t bring a sandcastle indoors?  This beach themed cake was designed for a wedding, and it’s edible!  Decorated with starfish and sweet seashells, it even comes with bride and groom starfish couple wearing their grooms hat and wedding veil to commemorate the occasion.

Castle Sand Castle Cake with Starfish Couple

Castle Sand Castle Cake with Starfish Couple

Not to be outdone and continuing the romance theme, here’s another castle cake – this one includes two seahorses caught kissing on the top tier!

Kissing Seahorses Castle Cake with starfish

Sandcastle cake with kissing seahorses


Beach themed cakes bring the fun and beauty of the ocean to your event any time of year, with no sunburn, no greedy seagulls, and not a single grain of sand to sweep up!  What more can a party-goer ask for?

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