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Bat Mitzvah Shopping Cake (1183)

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Shopping Extravaganza Bat Mitzvah Cake

Shopping Extravaganza Bat Mitzvah Cake

This 4 tier Bat Mitzvah follows the shopping extravaganza theme – perfect for this upcoming holiday season. The cake includes the girl’s favorite stores and accessories. Flavors include vanilla cake and pink velvet cake with raspberry chambord, vanilla and oreo and creams fillings. We delivered the cake to Skylands Manor in Ringwood, NJ.

From the video:

We have a very fun shopping themed bat mitzvah cake. You can see we super-imposed the birthday girl’s face onto this bag. The top tier is covered with sugar gift cards representing her favorite stores.

Love this comment we received from Sophie & Jeff:

Hi. This is MY cake! It’s the bat mitzvah girl and her dad – and it’s been over a year and we still look back on this cake and are amazed by it. All of our friends are STILL talking about it and we can’t wait to see what you come up with for my sister’s cake in 2012. Thanks again, Anne!

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16 Comments for “Bat Mitzvah Shopping Cake”

  • --Deb says:

    Very cute! Pity about the spilled coffee cup … hey, wait a minute! (grin)

  • Melissa says:

    This one’s utterly stunning! You outdo yourselves everytime. This cake is purely amazing. The birthday girl must have been blown away at this gorgeous sight. ^^

  • Ferwa says:

    My favouritist cake so far or even everrr!! :DDD
    sooooooooooooooooo ggoooooooooood!

  • silvia says:

    hey is a very very cute cake
    and please
    you can send me a complete photo of the cake please
    MY E-MAIL ——>

  • Hannah says:

    Wow – Very fun cake – ALways love your work and style

  • Paige says:

    Wow this is amazing! I would love to have you make my sweet 16 cake 🙂 Adorable, as always.

  • mikela says:

    hi this is mikela as u can see i am 13 and i love what u do it is amazing i live in devnille and i always watch the food challenges that u r on your shop in denville i walk bye it when i am in town with my friends and i just think…one day that is me i will be just like her and i will i love your cakes and whe i get old enough me and my friend are going to open a shop just like yours…thatnk your for what u do i would love to come and meet u some time if it iss possible .thatnk your for what u do it makes my day better and just baking to me is like eating or ect. to other people it lifts the load of me it makes my day better i am going to go to colenary school…were did u go cause i want to go there)anyway u r amazing and i am turning 13 in september and i love your bat mitzva cake the abercrombie bloomingdales and victoria secret one that is my life..a girl life.welll i know u may not be able to read this because u r soo busy but if u can pleease just say something to me my dad said no to the cake he says it is way to expensive and i know but one day i will have it …thank you bye


    • Anne says:

      Hi Mikela,

      Loved your comment! Thank-you so much! I’m glad we inspire you and I hope one day you do open your own shop!

      BTW – I went to The French Culinary Institute in New York City.

  • Weddingish says:

    That cake is out of the world – unbelievable!

  • Cindy says:

    What a very fun cake! I simply do not know how you can come up with all of the different ideas. I can only imagine how long it takes to create one cake.You are so very talented!!! Love this blog!!!

  • Wendy says:

    Anne…once again–BRAVO!!! Excellent work!!! You and your team should go on a shopping spree yourselves for this one!!! 😉

  • Megan says:

    Just to let you know you definitely inspire me. I Am only 13 and I really LOVE to bake people ALWAYS comment on how good I am. I made hamburgers and french fry cupcakes before and i have to say they were pretty good. When ever we have to bake something I will do it. Hope you reply!!!
    PS:I was just wondering the cost of a normal 2 or 3 teared cake was.

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