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Bat Mitzvah Hot Air Balloon Cake (1807)

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Teenage Hot Air Balloon Cake

Hot Air Ballon Cake

This weekend we delivered this 4 tier round cake to New York City for a Bat Mitzvah. The cake design was a collaboration with the client who incorporated several of her favorite memories onto each tier of the cake.

Starting at the bottom we included cutout cloud formations to spell out an inspirational message which drove the theme of the entire event. The next tier has a sporty theme with a racquetball racquet, sports goggles and balls. The next tier is inspired by the beautiful island of Nantucket with grass, a bicycle and white picket fence. The final tier includes a winter theme with snowflakes and skis. A finally, sitting atop all these tiers is a hot air balloon which drives home the “sky’s the limit” theme of the party.

Flavors included vanilla and red velvet with oreos and cream buttercream. Primary colors included shades of pink, purple, blue and orange.

We shot a video at the shop:

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