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Bass Groom’s Cake (745)

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This salt water striped bass cake, complete with a wooden cutting board was created for a groom who is an avid fisherman. Inside the fish cake is white cake with peanut butter filling. The banner appropriately reads – “To Joe – The Catch of a Lifetime”. We delivered the cake to the BelVedere Restaurant in Clifton, NJ.

Hook in the mouth Fish Cake

Groom’s Cake for the Fish Lover!

Bass Grooms Cake for Wedding

Bass Groom’s Cake with Minnow

Here is the bride’s comment about the cake:

I had to write tonight to say thank you so much!! My fiance loved the cake (Striped Bass) so much and everyone was so impressed! They all thought there was a real fish laying there! And it was so yummy!!! Thank you so much for making our night so special!

Update: The comment below is what makes my job so rewarding!!! Amy wrote us three years later on our facebook fan page after we posted another bass cake inspired by their own:

Joe and I and our guests still talk about our bass cake 3 years later. You made our wedding rehearsal so special=)

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6 Comments for “Bass Groom’s Cake”

  • doreen says:

    That’s pretty darn impressive! nicely done!

  • Anne says:

    Thanks Doreen 🙂

  • Ferwa says:

    sooo real!

  • Melissa says:

    How cool. My brother would love a cake that looked like a fish! Are the colors airbrushed? My son wants me to make him a dragon cake for his birthday next month and I’m so torn on which way to go. I don’t have an airbrush machine to make it colorful or have that realistic look since he wants a 3-D one. So I’m nervous about doing it. I first have no clue on how I will even attempt to make a head stay on the top of a neck on the cake lol Anyways, sorry if I rambled. Tthis cake turned out awesome!!

  • John says:

    This cake is so realistic it makes me ill. You guys are so extremely talented! I know its cake, but my mind keeps telling me there’s a raw fish on a platter…so disgusting. I LOVE IT!!!

    I’m hiring you all to make my cake for my 30th birthday. It’s not until January, but I want to get a head start. Amazing.

    Miss Jada

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