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Baptism Cake (1839)

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Baptism Cake

Baptism Christening Cross Cake

Erica reached out to us to help her design a cake for her son’s baptism in April in Chatham, NJ. She initially reached out to us with this email (which we loved!):

Hi Anne- My son is being baptized on April 10th in Chatham, NJ and I got your name from a friend. She said you have the best cakes!
I would love to discuss a beautiful cake with you. I really liked the blue cake with the baby’s initials. Maybe we can do something like that.
I look forward to speaking with you.

We ended up designing a baby blue quilted cake similar to this christening cake. The top tier is decorated in white fondant with light blue piped swiss dots and a cutout cross. The base of the tier includes a light blue fondant band with white accents and a blue noodle edge. The bottom tier is decorated in a light blue fondant quilted pattern with a blue monogram.

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One Comment for “Baptism Cake”

  • Alessandra says:


    Your cakes are so beautiful! Congratulations on having such a wonderful and successful business. I wanted to make a cake for my son and was wondering if its possible to make a cake filled with cream cheese or whipped cream (basically a filling that needs to be refridgerated) and still cover it with fondant? Is it possible to leave the completed cake (fondant and all) in the refridgerator or will something happen to the fondant when I take it out and serve it?


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