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Talia’s Bat Mitzvah Cake (2468)

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Bat Mitzvah Cake

Talia’s Bat Mitzvah cake

Marian reached out to back in January and asked if we could work with her to create a special and unique cake for her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. She was looking for a cake that incorporated her daughter Talia’s interests – chief among them her love of ballet.

Gumpaste Figure Topper

Talia in her Bat Mitzvah dress

At the top of the cake stands a 3d figure which was created based on a photo of Talia and her Bat Mitzvah dress that was sent by her mother. The cake was covered in lilac and green fondant to coordinate with the color theme of the celebration and the face of the second tier includes a monogram from the event’s invitation.

DVD, Skis and other mementos on the cake

Talia’s cake details included several of her interests

As I’m sure you can tell, many of Talia’s interests are represented on the cake including the family’s three pets – a black poodle, a white bichon friese, and a cat. Additional mementos included ballet shoes, a “I Love Lucy” logo, makeup, jewelry, a cell phone, DVDs, a passport, books, skis, perfume, and a Cinderella playbill.

Flavors and fillings included vanilla with lemon buttercream, vanilla rainbow polka dot with raspberry chambord, and S’mores with marshmallow chocolate buttercream.

Congratulations Talia – we hope you enjoyed the cake!

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