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Back to School Cakes That Rock!

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Back to School!  The words alone can make kids cringe.  But school can be a sweet place, too, with plenty to celebrate!  Here at Pink Cake Box, we’ve gathered some rockin’ back to school themed cakes to help you remember all of the very best things that education has to offer.

Back to School Cakes and Cookies


The wheels on the bus go round and round…and these wheels just happen to be made out of cake!  This Back to School bus cake was created for a 40th birthday party and features hand-painted words and fondant lights, mirrors and accents.

Yellow School Bus Cake

A Back to School Bus Cake can’t be beat!

You are what you eat, or so they say.  And if that’s the case, then biting into a ‘stack of books’ should make you really smart!  This back to school cake is actually from our graduation collection, but seems fitting for a return to school, too.  Each ‘book’ boasts a different flavor, including red velvet, chocolate and vanilla.  Who wouldn’t mind studying from these kinds of texts?

Graduation Stack of Book Cake with Graduation Gap

Graduation Stack of Book Cake with Graduation Gap

If you’re going back to college, then you might prefer this book cake with a university mascot on top!  With four tiers of flavored learning and a gum paste Notre Dame leprechaun to match, you’ll be ready for a sweet life on campus!

back to school cake

A back to college cake with mascots, too!

This back to school cake would make even the tiniest bookworm drool.  Created for a 16th birthday party, it was designed to reflect the recipient’s love of reading.  It features a stack of books on a black and white, floral-tiered cake.  The patterns matched the invitations to the party, and everything was tied up with a pretty, aqua colored bow.

back to school cake

This cake even has an edible bookmark!

Back to school cakes cover our favorite enrichment areas, too.  For Art class, how about a paint splattered, three-tiered cake with a hand-sculpted paintbrush and three-dimensional paint splatters to match?

back to school cake

A back to school cake for Art class!

Or this unique jellybean mound cupcake topper, which included a sculpted palette, figurine and 130 colorful cupcakes to match.  For more on cake toppers, don’t miss our cake topper tutorial from Pink Cake Box University!

Jelly Bean Bat Mitzvah Cake Topper with Cupcakes

Any artist would love this cupcake topper!

For Music class, we celebrate with a musical themed cake, complete with piano keys, musical notes, and gorgeous sugar flowers on top.  This cake was created with our client for her mother’s birthday, and everything was hand-designed to achieve her creative vision.

back to school cake

Sugar flowers and music- mmm!

Here’s another cake for Music class.  This one features fondant musical notes, sheet music and matching french macarons, too.

Music Themed Cake with Pastel French Macarons

Music Themed Cake with Pastel French Macarons

Don’t forget Gym class!  If you’re an athlete going back to school, you might need to take along your gym bag.  This groom’s cake is filled with the tastiest sports equipment you’ll ever find, including a sock, a lacrosse stick, and accented with a football and soccer ball.   Don’t forget your favorite CD’s!

Gym Bag Bar Mitzvah Cake

A gym bag cake? Why not?

You can’t go back to school without your locker combination.  You’re going to need it for this sweet surprise!  This locker cake was created for a Bat Mitzvah and features equipment from at least five different sports!  It’s personalized with our client’s name and even an edible athletic jersey.

back to school cake

A locker for your sweet tooth!

Are you a football player?  If so, going back to school means going back to practice!  Here’s a Bar Mitzvah cake with a hand-sculpted football player on top, coordinating school colors, a football, and his very own Heisman trophy.

Football Themed Bat Mitzvah Cake

Every football player deserves to celebrate with his own cake!


Looking for a cake alternative during back to school season? Back to school cookies fit the bill! Nothing says back to school like memories of the school chalkboard. We all have memories of being called up in front of the class to solve a math problem or spell a word on the dusty and somewhat awkward school chalkboard. These back to school chalkboard cookies show a variety of letters and math problems with the realistic chalkboard effect.

Chalkboard Back to School Cookies

Chalkboard Back To School Cookies

See Satin Ice’s tutorial to learn how to make these cookies!

School isn’t complete without an apple for teacher, a pencil and lined paper to complete our math problems! These cookies build upon the chalkboard with the addition of a pencil, apple and lined paper.

Back to School Cookies

Fall brings Back to School Cookies

So maybe you’re mourning the loss of summer, but it will be back again before you know it.  Until then, head back to school with a smile…and maybe a slice of cake tucked in your lunchbox, too!

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