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Baby Shower Jungle Landscape Cake (2148)

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Baby Shower Animal Kingdom Cake

A lion, zebra, monkey and giraffe all hanging out for a baby shower

Here’s a slight twist on our traditional tiered baby shower jungle cake. This weekend at The Bethwood in Totowa NJ we delivered this jungle landscape themed cake for a baby shower.

Each animal is paired with a cute accessory. The zebra is sitting on top of a blue quilted blanket, the giraffe is wearing a blue bow, the lion is holding a mini lion doll and the monkey has a blue pacifier and bib.

Lion on top of cake

Cute lion holding a baby lion doll in her arms

The animals were placed in a “baby” jungle setting with rocks, grass and trees. The entire cake was red velvet with vanilla buttercream. The pastel colors of the stitched baby animals were inspired by the color scheme of the baby shower’s invitation.

Zebra on blanket

Mr. Zebra lounging on blanket on top of cake

The “N” embroidered into the blanket and monkey’s bib represents the baby boy’s name that the celebration is honoring.


Giraffe with baby blue bow

Here’s a video I shot at the bakery:

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