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Baby Shower Bunny Cake Collection (2813)

This adorable bunny topper with cake, cupcakes and cookies was created for a baby shower held at Olive Lucy’s Kitchen Table in Morristown. (Great restaurant by the way!)

Bunny Baby Shower Cakes, Cookies & Cupcakes

Bunny Baby Shower Cakes, Cookies & Cupcakes

The topper cake was inspired by rabbit baby shower cake shot by the talented Tania from AMA Photography. The turquoise topper cake is decorated with yellow and gray cutout dots. A white scalloped band, at the top of the tier, is outlined in yellow ribbon rosettes.

Atop the cake sits a 3D gray bunny with a yellow bow and turquoise band. The bunny is sitting upon a yellow blankie and is peering down the cake. Along with the cake we included yellow and turquoise cupcakes and cookies which we posted about here.

Update:We received this wonderful comment from Marilyn after the event on our facebook page:

This was the cake/cookies and cupcakes that we had for my daughter’s baby shower last week. The colours were my daughters choice, the cake, cookies and cupcakes were incredible…in every sense. EVERYBODY was in awe of the incredible work done on the cake and cookies, they were stunning, and the cake, cupcakes and cookies were so delicious. The delivery of the cake was seamless, the care taken impeccable. The staff were so helpful. If you want a one of a kind incredibly delicious cake, this is the place to go!
Thank you!

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