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Baby Shower Block Cake (593)

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This 2 tier baby block cake includes an assortment of animals – a baby, a mini white lab, a blue elephant, a yellow ducky and a teddy bear. The bottom cake flavors included hazelnut filling with white cake and red velvet with vanilla buttercream. The top cake included chocolate with oreos and cream.

Baby Block Pink Animals Yellow Lavender with Elephant Bear

Baby Shower Block Cake

All our baby block cakes can be customized to match the theme or decor of your party. Here’s another version of our baby block cake inspired by this cake.

Instead of a single block, we created two stacked blocks and covered the top with sugar paste animals including a giraffe, elephant, rabbit, sheep and duck. The shower was held at Ora restaurant in Morristown, NJ.

Baby Block Shower Yellow Blue Green Cake

Close-up of sheep and elephant

Close-up of giraffe

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