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Fashionista Baby Carriage Shower Cake (1214)

The top of this cake was inspired by our fashion pregnant woman topper. This topper includes a few changes, chief among them the topper which includes a small white and brown dog – a Brussels Griffin to be exact.

The top tier is decorated with 2d silhouettes of different dogs while the bottom tier is decorated based on a Burberry style check pattern.
Flavors include top tier chocolate cake with raspberry chambord and vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream.

Update: Here’s another version of this cake inspired by the original. The topper is very similar to the original with the exception of the dog and of course the mommy-to-be!

Baby Shower Fashionista Cake

Baby Shower Fashionista Cake

The top tier includes the same flat dog decorations while the bottom tier is covered in tan fondant with Burberry print. Lisa sent this email after the event. We are glad we could make the day special!

Everything was fabulous👏👏👏
Thank you for making our day so special 👶🏻😇👍

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