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Alice in Wonderland Topsy Turvy Sweet 16 Cake (2396)

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake Whimsy

Sweet 16 Alice In Wonderland Cake

We’ve done a variety of Alice in Wonderland inspired cakes in the past, but this one takes the cake!

We created the cake for a sweet 16 this weekend at the Villa in Mountain Lakes, NJ and the party was planned by Extraordinary Productions.

The magical white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

The magical white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

The top of the flared topsy turvy cake is sculpted like a green textured top hat. A giant purple and glittery ’16’ stands above the hat with thick gold wires exploding out. Each wire has a different trinket inspired from the book include poison, a teapot, a tea cup and a key.

White Rabbit Clock on Cake

Alice in Wonderland inspired block

The magical white rabbit is peaking out of the top hat and next to the sculpted rabbit is a chain link connected to a clock clock at the base of the second tier. A hot pink cummerbund wraps around the base of the top tier with flowers at the base.

Golden Key into the looking glass

The tiny golden key

The next tier is decorated in a white and black diamond checkered pattern. Clusters of flowers decorate the top and bottom of the tier along with a magical red mushroom. Partially hidden from the mushroom is a gold key hole directly to the right.

Alice in Wonderland Teacup

Delicate hand painted teacup

The final tier is covered in turquoise fondant with whimsical purple swirls. A polka dotted mushroom sits at the base with 3 playing cards (Queen of Hearts, Ace of Spades, & King of Diamonds). LED lights, although hard to see in our pictures were also placed throughout the cake.

Happy Sweet 16!

Here’s a video of the cake we shot at the bakery:

Update: We recreated this cake in dessert table form with macarons and cupcakes to add to the whimsical feel:

Whimsical Dessert Table Setup for Alice in Wonderland Themed Party

Whimsical Dessert Table Setup for Alice in Wonderland Themed Party

Update #2: Here’s another copy of the cake with some changes for another sweet 16 celebration

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Sweet 16 Alice in Wonderland Cake

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