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A Cake for Mama Khoobs (1075)

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So it’s been a whole month since Mama Khoobs’ birthday – but I forgot to put up a picture of her cake! The cake was a coconut cake filled with dark chocolate ganache- her favorite! I topped the cake with what else, but a mini Mama Khoobs! Complete with her little scarf and Talbots-y outfit. Obviously next to her is a Talbots bag (her favorite store is Talbots if you didn’t catch on by now)…a little needle-point, knitting needles and a ribbon for her garden club….just a few of her favorite things! Happy Birthday Mama Khoobs!

PS. Mama Khoobs’ saved herself, but unfortunately her legs fell off so she now rests on a ‘triage’ tray on the speed rack awaiting leg re-attachment surgery.

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