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Puerto Rican Inspired Wedding Cake (287)

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This wedding cake has two tiers of vanilla cake with coconut buttercream filling and two tiers of chocolate cake with raspberry chambord filling. The couple also asked us to incorporate two petroglyphs from the indigenous Taino tribe that reflected their Puerto Rican roots.

On the bottom tier there are several pictures of the “Coqui” which is a tiny tree frog that is native to the island. The second tier has another Taino image called the “Sol de Jayuya” (Sun of Jayuya) which represents a spectacular real-life mural carved by the tribe.

Wedding Cake

Note: Photo taken by Daniel Hedden

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3 Comments for “Puerto Rican Inspired Wedding Cake”

  • Alexis Rivera & Celia Flores-Rivera says:

    This cake was truly the best cake we’ve ever tasted! Everyone at our wedding loved it and we were so happy to have been able to work with Pink CakeBox (Thanx Anne!) on this. The reception was the first time we saw the cake and we truly fell in love with it. Can’t wait till the 1 year anniversary when we open the top tier.

  • julia ramirez says:

    Wow!!! what a great way to demonstrate the pride Puerto Ricans have of their roots. The cake is so simple, yet it’s so beautiful. I am a P.R. cake decorator and I’m always surfing the net for new and different cake decorating ideas. I must say, this is the most unique cake I have ever come across in my surfing. Great job PinkCakebox and congratulations to Alexis and Celia for being so creative in displaying their heritage.

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