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8 Ideas for Gender Reveal Cakes

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Gender reveal cakes are a sweet surprise revealing a baby’s gender. Finding out your little one’s gender can take your breath away so save your words and allow a customized cake to reveal your special moment. Will your little one be a he or she? Cut a slice to see!
8 ideas for gender reveal parties

Gender reveal cupcakes!

Read on for some inspirational gender reveal cake and cupcake ideas!

  • 1
    Gender Reveal Cupcake Tower!

    Gender Reveal Cupcake Stand

    Concealed behind pink and blue question marks on a white quilted tier with a pink and blue multi-looped bow and matching fondant balls at the base of the tier, the only way to find out the answer is to cut a slice! You can also have your guests share in the fun by having the cupcakes filled with a pink or blue icing on the inside of the cupcake. Instead of pink and blue you can also do gender neutral colors and personalize.

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  • 2
    Pram Baby Shower Cake!

    Pram Baby Shower Cake

    This cake shown in ivory with coordinating pink and blue swiss dots and bows has one of our most popular Pram styled carriage sitting on top with a teddy bear and pink and blue blanket. Keep your guests guessing until the first slice is cut by the expecting Mommy!

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  • 3
    BEEhive Baby Shower Cake

    Beehive Baby Shower Gender Reveal Cake

    Creating a “buzz” is a bee themed baby shower wondering- what will baby “bee”? We are seeing many bee themed baby showers like this one where no one knows what baby will “bee” until that first cut is made to reveal a blue velvet or pink velvet cake or a flavor of your choice with vanilla icing dyed pink or blue!

    See our bumble bee onesie cookies with polka dots and bees that would make a perfect party favor to match your theme!
  • 4
    Baby Face Cupcakes

    These cupcakes were actually used to celebrate the birth of their son, but would be fun to do with a white or gender neutral cap and pacifier and to have a fun filled filling “spilling” the secret!

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  • 5
    Leopard Print Inside Cake

    Leopard print decorations baked into cake

    Take it up a notch to reveal a pattern in pink or blue for the big reveal! This Pink Leopard print would be perfect for a jungle themed or animal print baby shower and can be done in pink or blue. You can find our other jungle themed baby shower cakes and animal print cakes in our gallery.

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  • 6
    Parisian Themed Gender Reveal Cake

    Macaron & Eiffel Tower Topper for Parisian Themed Gender Reveal Cake

    This cake is a take on the popular Parisan theme. The cake includes an appropriately colored blue and pink French macaron along with a miniature version of the Eiffel tower. The detailed hand-painted scene along the sides of the cake round out the Paris themed decorations.

    And it’s a boy!!

    First cut of gender reveal cake shows the sex of the baby!

  • 7
    Gender Reveal Cupcakes

    Gender Reveal Cupcakes Pink and Blue for Twins

    Gender Reveal Cupcakes Pink and Blue for Twins

    Not to be outdone, these adorable cupcakes are colored blue and pink on the outside with a surprise inside to indicate the baby’s gender. These cupcakes were created for a twin baby girl and boy hence the blue and pink buttercream centers.

  • 8
    Halloween Gender Cake

    Gender Reveal Halloween Witch Cake

    “Witch will it be – he or she? Open to see!”

    This adorable witch themed Halloween cake was created for a Halloween gender reveal party. I love the saying on the top of the cake that our client came up with – “Witch will it be – he or she? Open to see!” Brilliant!

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So after you fall in love with a design, have your doctor write down the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and seal in an envelope so you can not be tempted to peak if keeping the secret from yourself. (Not peaking is the hardest part!) Mail the envelope or drop it off to us so we can assist you in the big reveal!

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