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21st Birthday Pink Topsy Cake (1301)

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Topsy Turvy Pink 21st Birthday Cake pink rose

Sitting atop this 3 tier topsy turvy cake is the birthday girl holding her celebratory birthday martini. The top tier is covered in baby pink fondant with musical note cutouts and gems. The middle tier included checkered and heart patterns in glittery silver and baby pink. To finish off the decorations are several pink roses along each tier.

The flavors include vanilla cake dyed hot pink with nutella buttercream and strawberry buttercream. We delivered the cake to Bella Notte’s in Little Falls, NJ.

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3 Comments for “21st Birthday Pink Topsy Cake”

  • Kim says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that cake!! You do beautiful work at your shop!

  • Dani Tess says:

    I love the middle teir of this cake sooo much!! The-well not checkerboard really- diagonal squares, I guess, are so cute. The hearts are precious and the sparkly luster brings it to a whole new level. The luster gives an especially pretty gold sheen to the black. Personally, I’m not a skull and crossbones kind of girl, but I have to admit the heart eyes and the little bow make them much more likable. I guess it’s fitting that I would like this cake, since my names on the bottom. If only only it said “Happy 16th”…LOL! Awesome cake!!!!

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