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2-Tier Baby Block Cake (495)

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Sometimes when delirious, we like to name inanimate objects. For instance, we named some of the animals on this 2-tier baby block cake for a baby shower in Morristown, NJ. The rabbit was Belvedere…as in “Mr.” , the monkey was Meekus…I’m not sure if that’s how you spell Meekus – maybe it’s Mecus…but that’s too close to mucus which just isn’t right. And the teddy bear was Rupert… no relation to Stewey’s. Thinking about someone eating poor Meekus’s head brings tears to my eyes…so I just won’t go there!

Inside the baby blocks was white cake with oreo filling.

Baby block Baby Shower Cake

Close up Giraffe

Close up Bear

Close up of Monkey

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