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1st Birthday Car Dessert Table & Cake (2150)

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Luke's 1st Birthday Cake

Luke's 1st Birthday Car Themed Dessert Table

Not to long ago we helped mark Nina’s birthday with this dessert table birthday setup. This past weekend we had the privilege of helping celebrate Nina’s brother Luke’s 1st birthday with this car themed dessert table complete with cookies, mini cupcakes and a car cake.

Vintage Car close up

Close-up of Luke in blue car

The 3d sculpted car was decorated with light blue fondant and accents in yellow, darker blue, gray and red. A sugar figure in Luke’s likeness sits inside the car wearing a blue polo shirt and holding a red balloon with a number 1 on it. A personalized license plate and patch both bear Luke’s name on it to add an additional personalized touch.

The car sits atop a rectangular cake platform with white, deep blue, gray and red stripes. The entire cake was chocolate with 2 layers of chocolate buttercream and 1 layer of raspberry chambord buttercream.

Red and Blue Round Cookies

Luke's First Birthday Cookies!

With the car cake we included 30 coordinating cookies. Each cookie was decorated in colors and patterns to match the cake. Layers of fondant decoration with white centers and blue piped messages highlighted the decorations.

1st Birthday Mini Cupcakes

Luke's 1st Birthday minature cupcakes!

Of course a dessert table is not complete without cupcakes! In this case we created 30 mini vanilla cupcakes for Luke and his guests. Each cupcake included a fondant topper disc in colors and patterns to match the entire dessert table.

Here’s a video I shot at the bakery:

Happy First Birthday Luke!

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