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Cupcake Stands

Cupcake Stand Display for Weddings
US Patent #D/614,002 S

Cupcake Tree Stand
Cupcake Stand with Cake
Cupcake Display Tree
Cupcake Tree Stand
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Cupcake Tower Tower


Our patented and custom built cupcake tree provides a unique and stylish look for your next wedding, bridal shower, baby shower or special event. Our stands are available in 4 sizes and can hold anywhere from 45 to 180 cupcakes.

Why Cupcakes?

Cupcakes are moist and tasty morsels of cake, covered with just the right amount of fluffy, sweet buttercream. No utensils are necessary to indulge in these tasty treats.

Cupcake displays are a great alternative for couple’s looking for a non-traditional wedding dessert. Also, with our durable stands, you can have the best of both world’s by using the top tier to display your own cake. We’ve also used the top tier of the wedding cake stands to display flower arrangements to coordinate with the wedding theme.

See more examples in our cupcake tree wedding picture gallery.

Cupcake Tree Tower

Cupcake Stand Gallery

Cupcake toppers and towers for all types of celebrations

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  • Available for rental
  • 4 Sizes available to hold anywhere from 45 to 180 cupcakes
  • Sturdy construction – can hold a 6" top cake
  • Note: Only available from our store in Denville, NJ.
  • See more examples in our cupcake stand photo gallery.
Cupcake Tower For wedding
Cupcake tier with top Cake


Size Rental Price


Our stands are NOT currently available for shipping and are only available for pickup from our store in Denville, NJ. You must call or email beforehand to ensure availability since supplies are limited.

Stand Sizes

The cupcake tree stands come in 4 standard sizes, and can fit a range of cupcakes depending on the size of each cupcake. General estimates for each size are provided below:

Size # Cupcakes Width # Tiers Height between Tiers
20" 8
3 1/2"
18" 7
16" 5
14" 5

Larger stands can be built to order for an additional cost.

How to Order

Fill out our order form and specify cupcake stands to order. Or call us to place an order.


Cupcake stands are available pre-assembled.

Please note however that we do not ship cupcake stands. They are only available for pickup locally at our store in Denville, NJ