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So I was very excited to purchase yet another refrigerator recently. It is so tall, shiny and handsome, I fell in love when I saw him :) But unfortunately, a few hours of being plugged in, rendered his inside HOT not cold! We thought he was having a slight identity crisis, perhaps confusing himself with a warming oven… so we called in the refrigerator doctor to evaluate the situation. Luckily he was able to fix a crack in a pipe that must have happened during shipping. I was a little worried when he whipped out the blow torch….but apparently that’s all the rage in the world of welding :) So my new refrigerator has found himself, and he’s cool as a cucumber. Actually colder than a cucumber…but you get the point. That’s all for now! tootles.

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One Comment for “Refrigeratoroven”

  • omar says:

    hehehehe, this is cool! 😀 I loved the way you told the story! I hope your man isn’t jealous of you getting all over the Refrigeratoroven! hehehe

    see you around! keep it coming! 😀


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