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Crooked Jester Themed Birthday Cake (249)

This 4 tier jester themed birthday cake has layers of chocolate cake with oreo filling, chocolate cake with raspberry filling and vanilla pudding with fresh strawberries.

Jester Themed Topsy Turvy Crooked Birthday Cake
Closeup Jester Hat

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8 Comments for “Crooked Jester Themed Birthday Cake”

  • Ashley says:

    Very cute. Im just curious do you purchase your fondant or make your own? Also when coloring it do mix in the color yourself or airbrush? I make cakes just for fun and make my own MMF since I don’t like the wilton fondant taste at all. I find mixing in the colors to be so time consuming and have seen where some people air brush the color on.

  • Amber says:

    I love this cake! Is the jester hat cake or is it just molded out of fondant?

  • Anne says:

    Thanks Amber! The jester cake hat was molded out of rice krispy treats covered in fondant.

  • Anne says:

    Ashley – I purchase it from Satin Ice. They have several different colors and I usually use their color as a base and make it lighter or darker. I find air brush color doesn’t look as good.

  • jean says:

    i love your cakes! my son is turning 1 & i’m having a big party do you send cakes to pa?

  • Anne says:

    Thanks Jean – we deliver to Pennsylvania. Contact us for delivery costs. Thanks!

  • Ashlyn says:

    I really want one of these cakes for my 17th birthday, do yall deliever to Alabama?

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