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Cake Videos

Each week we create a short video showcasing some of our favorite cakes. Click on any of the images below to view the video.
Baby Shower Vintage BathTub Cake)
Baby Shower Vintage BathTub Cake
Our very own Liz is about to be an Aunt! For her sister Abby’s b... Read More
(19401) Baby Shower Vintage BathTub Cake
Topsy Turvy Whimsy Wedding Cake)
Topsy Turvy Whimsy Wedding Cake
The top of this 5 tier round topsy turvy wedding cake includes a sculp... Read More
(19391) Topsy Turvy Whimsy Wedding Cake
Pink Ombre Damask Wedding Cake)
Pink Ombre Damask Wedding Cake
This 4 tier wedding cake is covered in blush pink fondant with white d... Read More
(19331) Pink Ombre Damask Wedding Cake
Purple Monogram Wedding Cake)
Purple Monogram Wedding Cake
This 3 tier wedding cake was inspired by the couples invitation. White... Read More
(19131) Purple Monogram Wedding Cake
Dump Truck Cake)
Dump Truck Cake
What do you get for a groom who owns a trucking company specializing i... Read More
(1920) Dump Truck Cake

Sculpted Pig Cake)
Sculpted Pig Cake
This pig was created in the likeness of the popular pig from the Green... Read More
(1919) Sculpted Pig Cake
Fantasy Flowers Wedding Cake)
Fantasy Flowers Wedding Cake
What a beautiful weekend for a wedding in NJ! We delivered this 4 tier... Read More
(1905) Fantasy Flowers Wedding Cake
Peacock Wedding Cake)
Peacock Wedding Cake
A peacock and peahen adorn the top of this three tier round wedding ca... Read More
(1902) Peacock Wedding Cake
Gerber Daisy Wedding Cake)
Gerber Daisy Wedding Cake
Perfect for an outdoor garden type wedding, this 3 tier wedding cake i... Read More
(1898) Gerber Daisy Wedding Cake
Honey Beehive Cupcake Tower)
Honey Beehive Cupcake Tower
How cute is this beehive cupcake topper? We created it for a repeat cu... Read More
(1895) Honey Beehive Cupcake Tower

Platinum Ruffle Wedding Cake)
Platinum Ruffle Wedding Cake
We worked with Laura & Kara from My Bellissima to develop this 4 ... Read More
(1888) Platinum Ruffle Wedding Cake
Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cake)
Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cake
Nina reached out to us to see if create a baby shower cake for her rub... Read More
(1892) Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Cake
Light Pink Dogwood Wedding Cake)
Light Pink Dogwood Wedding Cake
This weekend we delivered this three tier wedding cake to the Sunny Pa... Read More
(1882) Light Pink Dogwood Wedding Cake
Groom’s Cake – Our Zoo)
Groom’s Cake – Our Zoo
My husband has been asking for a dog for years. After making this cake... Read More
(1864) Groom’s Cake – Our Zoo
The Catch of a Lifetime!)
The Catch of a Lifetime!
For a wedding at the shore in Point Pleasant, NJ this weekend we recre... Read More
(1859) The Catch of a Lifetime!

Teapot Cupcake Stand)
Teapot Cupcake Stand
We love incorporating teapot themes into our cakes! This cupcake tower... Read More
(1858) Teapot Cupcake Stand
Toy Drum Birthday Cake)
Toy Drum Birthday Cake
We’ve done a drum cake before, but this is our first toy drum. O... Read More
(1848) Toy Drum Birthday Cake
Spring Green Damask Wedding Cake)
Spring Green Damask Wedding Cake
Deep crimson peonies, green orchids and pink roses highlight this 4 ti... Read More
(0900) Spring Green Damask Wedding Cake
Basketweave & Flower Wedding Cake)
Basketweave & Flower Wedding Cake
We combined two of our cakes to create this four tier basketweave &... Read More
(3900) Basketweave & Flower Wedding Cake
Springtime Baptism Cupcake Tree)
Springtime Baptism Cupcake Tree
In our most popular cake section we have one of my favorite cakes R... Read More
(1842) Springtime Baptism Cupcake Tree

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“Showers of Happiness” Bridal Shower Cake
This three tier cake was based off a ribbon bridal shower cake (see be... Read More
(2479) “Showers of Happiness” Bridal Shower Cake

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