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Celebration Cakes

Groom’s Football Helmet Cake
Sports themes are a popular choice for a groom’s cake and this f...
(385) Groom’s Football Helmet Cake
Red Hat Society 50th Birthday Cake
The Red Hat Society (RHS), founded in the late nineties by Sue Ellen C...
(381) Red Hat Society 50th Birthday Cake
1st Birthday Topsy Turvy Turtle Cake
Ava’s first birthday cake was created with fondant daisy flowers...
(380) 1st Birthday Topsy Turvy Turtle Cake
Beer Bottle Birthday Cake
We delivered this beer bottle shaped cake to a house party in Chester ...
(379) Beer Bottle Birthday Cake
Designer Pocketbook Purse Cake
A handbag, lipstick and compact were all part of this bridal shower po...
(376) Designer Pocketbook Purse Cake

Whimsical Topsy Turvy Cake
Orange and pink were the dominating colors for this colorful 3-tier wh...
(373) Whimsical Topsy Turvy Cake
3 Tier Topsy Turvy Cake
Similar to our lavender colored Quinceañera cake, this birthday cake ...
(369) 3 Tier Topsy Turvy Cake
Flower and Polka Dot Birthday Cake
This 3-tier cake was covered in lustered ivory fondant for a first bir...
(357) Flower and Polka Dot Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake
Similar to our 70th Birthday Cake, this cake is chocolate cake with mo...
(364) Birthday Cake
Bridal Shower Teapot Cake
Our popular teapot theme continues this week with this white, black an...
(2172) Bridal Shower Teapot Cake

Guayabera Shirt Cake
This cuban Guayabera shirt cake was created for a Cuban-themed surpris...
(365) Guayabera Shirt Cake
Octopus Birthday Cake
We used turquoise blue and purple colored fondant to decorate this Oct...
(360) Octopus Birthday Cake
Sweet 16 Oscar Cake
This film reel themed cake is adorned with an Oscar statue to commemor...
(355) Sweet 16 Oscar Cake
1st Birthday Cake
This 1st birthday cake had an assortment of delicious flavors – ...
(356) 1st Birthday Cake
Graduation Cap Cake
The classic graduation cap is a popular request for graduations. This ...
(354) Graduation Cap Cake

Hibiscus Flower Cake
This orange hibiscus cake was made for a 2nd birthday “Luau̶...
(349) Hibiscus Flower Cake
60th Birthday Baseball Hat Cake
We created this 60th birthday baseball hat cake out of white cake with...
(340) 60th Birthday Baseball Hat Cake
1st Birthday Rocket Cake
We did another 1st birthday cake this week for one of our repeat custo...
(342) 1st Birthday Rocket Cake
1st Birthday Sports Cake
This sports themed cake is a popular choice for boy’s first birt...
(341) 1st Birthday Sports Cake
Polka Dot Birthday Cake
This birthday cake, decorated with fondant circles and marbleized fond...
(338) Polka Dot Birthday Cake

40th Anniversay Cake
We created this cake for my sister-in-laws parents 40th anniversary at...
(333) 40th Anniversay Cake
Jester Topsy Turvy Cake
This third birthday topsy turvy cake had yellow cake with chocolate fi...
(332) Jester Topsy Turvy Cake
Sports Birthday Cake
We delivered this 30th birthday sports cake to the Rockaway River Coun...
(326) Sports Birthday Cake
Asian Themed Sweet 16 Cake
We created this red velvet cake with raspberry chambord filling for an...
(323) Asian Themed Sweet 16 Cake
Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake
A green pea replaces a cherry for this cupcake cake since “pea&#...
(321) Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake

Marching Ants Fez Birthday Cake
We delivered this cake to Manhattan for a 50th Birthday party. This ca...
(320) Marching Ants Fez Birthday Cake
Groom’s Guitar Cake
We delivered this groom’s cake to the Sheraton hotel in East Han...
(316) Groom’s Guitar Cake
Paisley Topsy Turvy Cake
We delivered this fun topsy turvy cake to party in Florham Park for a ...
(314) Paisley Topsy Turvy Cake
Baked Potato Cake
We delivered this potato cake to the Lincoln Harbor yacht club in Weeh...
(317) Baked Potato Cake
Poker Themed Birthday Cakes
Poker fan? Like to place big bets? This birthday cake was for a casino...
(2773) Poker Themed Birthday Cakes

Tiffany Gift Box Shower Cake
This asymetrically stacked tiffany blue gift box shower cake was creat...
(1588) Tiffany Gift Box Shower Cake
70th Birthday Whimsical Cake
This cake was for a 70th birthday party and had a unique flavor combin...
(308) 70th Birthday Whimsical Cake
Whimsy Graduation Cake
For Stephanie’s graduation from High School we created this colo...
(307) Whimsy Graduation Cake
Baptism Cake
Erica reached out to us to help her design a cake for her son’s ...
(1839) Baptism Cake
Mardi Gras Theme Birthday Cake
White cake with oreo filling and decorated with sugarpaste mask, feath...
(305) Mardi Gras Theme Birthday Cake

’07 Graduation Cake
We delivered this cake to Kinnelon, NJ for a graduation party. The top...
(303) ’07 Graduation Cake
Sweet 16 Cupcake Stand
We built this tiered cupcake stand topped with a cake for a sweet 16 p...
(301) Sweet 16 Cupcake Stand
Topsy Turvy Quinceañera Cake
Our first Quinceañera cake! The Quinceañera (i.e Sweet Fifteen) mark...
(300) Topsy Turvy Quinceañera Cake
Artist’s Palette Cake
Yellow cake with strawberry buttercream filling....
(298) Artist’s Palette Cake
Ladybug Birthday Cake
The always cute ladybug, a favorite for many children’s birthday...
(2110) Ladybug Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Cake
This topsy turvy birthday cake includes several mementos to celebrate ...
(1227) Happy Birthday Cake
Oscar Sweet 16 Cake
This Sweet Sixteen cake was for an Oscar themed party called “Ni...
(291) Oscar Sweet 16 Cake
Amusement Park Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake
We delivered this 4-tier amusement park themed cake with oreo filling ...
(288) Amusement Park Themed Bar Mitzvah Cake
Football Fanatics Wedding Cake
This Football themed wedding cake topped with a helmet, was created a ...
(286) Football Fanatics Wedding Cake
Mercury Cougar Groom’s Cake
This 1969 reproduction of the Mercury Cougar convertible was for a gro...
(283) Mercury Cougar Groom’s Cake

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Erica’s Elephant Themed 1st Birthday Cake
Back in 2011 we had the pleasure of creating a first birthday cake for... Read More
(2585) Erica’s Elephant Themed 1st Birthday Cake

Hi Ashley-

My daughters first birthday party was terrific!! The cake was perfect- you guys did an amazing job. It was beautiful! It was prettier than I imagined. And delicious, I just froze some slices of the top tier and couldn't resist sneaking a few bites just now.

Delivery worked out great too!

Thanks so much for helping to make the party a hit! We have some beautiful photos and memories that we wouldn't have without the cake!

Thanks again!!